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Most of your bitcoins in your Unocoin wallet are stored offline

The set of multiple addresses for offline storage are generated on a computer that has never and never will be connected to the internet. This serves as a crucial security measure against theft, loss and hacking. The address-private key pairs obtained are encrypted using AES-256, sealed in envelopes and stored in multiple safe deposit lockers. The AES-256 keys are also stored in multiple safe deposit lockers at different locations. The reason- In the unlikely event of a security compromise at any one of the locations, your bitcoins remain safe.

Our server automatically chooses the next offline address once a max threshold is reached on a particular address. This way, if any of the addresses are compromised due to circumstances beyond our control, the rest of the address remain secure.

Two Factor Authentication

Activate and link your Google Authenticator to your Unocoin account

Google Authenticator

Once your account has been verified, you are ready to set up “Double Authentication” using the google authenticator. Visit "2 Factor Auth" link seen under Account > Settings menu after you have signed in. You need your mobile phone to generate a unique 6 digit code to login and spend the funds. Google authenticator is available for android, IOS devices and blackberry devices. To install google authenticator on your mobile visit


At the time of sign-in, when you enter your email id. Our server checks if you have the two factor authentication enabled and then displays an extra text box to key in your authentication code (generated by google authenticator).

To Send/Withdraw bitcoins

You can configure your account to ask for a google authentication code whenever there is an attempt to withdraw btc more than the set threshold/ 24 hours. This means - If your account threshold is 5 BTC, you will not be able to send/withdraw more than 5 BTC with in the 24 hours even using multiple withdrawal attempts unless using the google authenticator.

Our Recommendation to the Customer

Enable 2 factor authentication for Unocoin account. Do not reveal the google authenticator string. To enable 2 factor authentication in Unocoin, go to security >> 2 factor Auth.

It is recommended that the Primary password used for accessing Unocoin account is not same as the password(s) of your personal email accounts.

Make sure you always use HTTPS while accessing your Unocoin account( This ensures the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data.

Do not open your mail or other links while your Unocoin account is open. Clicking on a malicious link might lead to browser compromise, which might in turn lead to the compromise of your Unocoin account. This may lead to the loss of your BTC. Use a different browser instead.

Make sure to use a complex password. To create a complex password, you can use combinations of alphabets(Upper/Lower case), numericals, special characters and is atleast 8 characters long.

Paper wallet is preferred to save your Bitcoin. Do not save your Bitcoin on computers, mobile phones or email/drives. To generate paper wallet go to Security >> Paper Wallet.

Constant Development and Improvement

Unocoin is subject to continual improvement and is committed to take care of any functionality and security issues once identified. Hence providing our valued customers a safe platform to store, buy, sell, send and receive bitcoins through Unocoin.