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Unocoin coupons are a great way to get started with bitcoins whether you are a new customer signing up with us now or already a customer with an account with Unocoin.

To redeem the coupons, you need to have a verified account with Unocoin. A verified account gives you:

  • A bitcoin wallet that you can use to store, send and receive bitcoins
  • Buy bitcoins and sell bitcoins using INR from your bank account
  • Print paper wallets to secure your bitcoins and use it to fund your Unocoin wallet when needed
  • If you have an online or offline merchant outlet, you can start accepting bitcoins through Unocoin with 0% transaction fee, 0% charge back risk, 0% volatility risk. Know more
Terms and conditions

1. Every coupon has an expiry date that will be printed on the brochure/leaflet. The coupon is valid only till that expiry date.

2. In case of any descripancy related to usage of coupons, Unocoin's decision will be final and binding.

3. If you are redeeming a coupon that will give you bitcoins that is worth a specifc amount of INR, then Unocoin's present BUY price will be considered for calculation. You will need a verified account to use those bitcoins.

4. If your coupon code is allowed to be redeemed without a verified account, then make sure that you get your account verified in 30 days. Else, the bitcoin credited to your account for the coupon would get reversed.